You Are Here 5 Financial Advisory 5 How We Work With You
You Are Here 5 Financial Advisory 5 How We Work With You

How We Work With You

Our process of providing advice is designed to ensure that we know your current personal and financial situation as well as we possibly can.

There are often many different strategies that can be used in designing a financial plan for someone. By getting to know and understand you, we can ensure we know everything that we need to know to prepare fully informed advice.

Step 1. Initial Meeting

We want to understand your motivation for seeking advice and ensure that we are in a position to provide the services you require.

Step 2. Scope of advice & Engagement

This involves us reviewing your current position, and outlining some of the options and strategies that may be appropriate for If we think we can help and you are happy for us to prepare written advice we will seek a formal engagement, confirming the scope of the engagement, with a fee quote or fee estimate.

Step 3. Compete Fact Find

Our Fact Find is where we record everything we know about your personal and financial situation, goals and We will work through this to ensure we know everything that we need to know about you to prepare fully informed advice.

Step 4. Detailed Strategy & Research

This is what we do best. This is our design phase, where we design, test and model strategies and product solutions tailored to your needs.

Step 5. Present Statement of Advice

The Statement of Advice is a written record of our formal advice to you. It outlines a summary of your current situation, what our recommended strategy, investment or insurance solution is, why we recommend what we do and why it is in your best interests. This document also outlines any upfront and ongoing fees that may apply to your particular recommendations.

Step Implement Strategies

Whether we go ahead with what we initially recommended or we work together to tweak the strategy recommended, effective implementation of strategy investment and insurance recommendations is important.

Step 7. Ongoing Review

Our ongoing review services are not compulsory, but are generally recommended. Our review services are designed to ensure that your strategy, investment, or insurance solutions remain current, relevant, and as effective as they can be, given ongoing changes in your personal situation, the legislative environment and investment markets. We have a range of options to suit most people which are detailed in our Financial Services Guide.