What We Do

We aim to work with you to determine the best strategies to build and preserve your wealth by managing financial risks to minimise capital loss and preserve your purchasing power. We develop a relationship with you that is personal and built on understanding and trust. We offer a full range of financial planning services.


Financial Services we are authorised to provide:

    • Personal Insurance Advice
    • Investment Advice
    • Retirement Planning
    • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds
    • Social Security
    • Portfolio Management and Advice
    • Superannuation and Rollover Advice
    • Securities Advice and Trading Services
    • Wealth Creation and Preservation
    • Aged Care Planning

    What products we can advise on

    • Term Deposit Products
    • Margin Lending
    • Direct Shares
    • Corporate and Personal Superannuation
    • Retirement Income Streams
    • Managed Funds
    • Wrap Accounts
    • Annuities
    • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds
    • Personal Insurances

    Investment Advice

    We approach investment in the following way:


    • Value investing – We take a value approach towards our investment decisions. This means that we aim to acquire undervalued stocks and investments in those sectors that we feel are undervalued or have long term value.
    • Contrarian approach – As a firm we often look for buying opportunities in stocks or sectors that are currently ‘out of favour’ with or ‘off the radar screen’ of the broader market. We also look for selling opportunities to lock in profit should we feel that a stock or sector is attracting too much attention from the broader market.
    • Focus on long term trends – We look for trends in markets and sectors and have a preference to build a client’s portfolio around long, medium and short term opportunities in those markets and sectors. This approach allows us to be dynamic in making investment decisions for clients and at various times we may reweight a portfolio based on changes in markets.
    • Global macro/economic awareness – Our advisers conduct ongoing research in markets and economies not only within Australia but globally. By having an awareness of both Australian and global macro-economics we are in a better position to manage clients’ portfolios.
    • Assessing a client risk tolerance – Risk is at the core of what we manage for clients and your risk tolerance will vary depending on your level of investment experience, level of assets, investment timeframe and general personal and financial situation. There are risks associated with overexposure to any asset class regardless of whether it is equities, property or cash and we aim to understand our client’s tolerance for risk and manage this accordingly.