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Improving your digital experience. Johnsons MME Digital Experience Team.

Improving your digital experience

What is Digital Experience?

Digital experience refers to the way you interact with your business’s digital environment.

Whether it be your accounting or payroll software, customer relationship management, website, e-commerce or a range of other business apps on your smart devices, more and more of your business processes are performed within a digital landscape. This makes regularly reviewing and improving your digital experience an important aspect of business management.

Why is your digital experience important?

Technology is playing an increasingly expanding role in how small and medium business owners manage their business. In the past, limited options meant that businesses would often have to develop expensive proprietary software tailored to their specific requirements in order to improve process efficiency. With advances in software language and development, and the adoption of open API’s, automation and integration are now readily available to small and medium sized businesses like never before.

At Johnsons MME, we work with you to gain an intimate understanding of your business’s digital environment, looking for modern solutions aimed at improving how you interact with your business technology, resulting in more efficient processes, more accurate data and most importantly, releasing you and your staff from the most mundane of business tasks so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy, whatever that may be.

What services can our Digital Experience team provide?

Digital strategy

Successful digital transformation is built on an alignment of the organisational and digital strategy. We look at the big picture with you and focus on achieving maximum efficiency through the adoption of best practice technology.

Accounting system modernisation

Your accounting system should work for you – not against you. Modern systems allow for automation and integration, two key drivers of freeing up time and resources for other important business demands. Our team is experienced in leading modernisation projects to elevate the performance of your accounting and finance systems.

Business process review

All aspects of your business are inherently connected. How these different components come together is what makes each business unique, however this is not always reflected by a seamless integration of the business processes. We can work with you to take a closer look at these different areas of your business, identify bottlenecks, wasted resources or inefficient and poorly functioning systems. The end result, a better tuned business firing on all cylinders.

Business intelligence and data analytics

Accurate, timely and reliable data is the backbone of making good decisions. How our team can help you ensure your systems and processes provide the data and insights you need to make better strategic and operational decisions.

Client Examples

Client Example 1.

We worked with a client to modernise the accounting system for their business. We converted data from their existing system, restructured the chart of accounts, developed reporting templates, automated processes and implemented App integrations. We then provided on-going assistance and post-implementation reviews to monitor and make continual improvements.

Client Example 2.

We undertook a review of the finance and management function of a client’s organisation, identifying areas for improvement and made recommendations for improved performance outcomes. This included analysing various business and finance processes, comparing to best practice and considering available modern technologies.

If you feel overwhelmed or frustrated within your digital landscape, contact our office to discuss how our Digital Experience team can help you.

Aidan Jenkin

Aidan Jenkin

Director, Digital Experience