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You Are Here 5 Our Services 5 Sustainable Business Services

Sustainable Business Services

Sustainable: “Able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.”

What do you need to do in your business to ensure it continues to operate into the future..… to ensure it is ‘sustainable’?

What you can measure, you can manage and by undertaking a sustainability assessment you may discover that there are significant savings available, simply by looking at the way things are done.

Johnsons MME can help your business undertake a sustainability assessment by conducting the following:


  • Conduct audit of existing resources:
    • Process map products produced or services delivered.
    • Document areas of waste/inefficiencies in business.
  • Identify and address issues:
    • Prepare action sheets to address issues identified.
    • Cost benefit analysis for implementing suggested improvements.
    • Rank issues in order of importance to ensure priority issues are addressed first.
    • Establish KPI’s to monitor implementation of actions required to address issues.

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