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You Are Here 5 Our Services 5 Fuel Tax Credit Review

Fuel Tax Credit Review


Implementing strategies to better utilise ATO legislation


Our specialist advisors have worked with different SME business entities around Australia to re-shape the way they think about fuel tax credits and to help them to implement strategies to better utilise ATO legislation. Through this process we’ve facilitated back claims of significant amounts in fuel tax credit refunds. 

We have found that in nearly all cases, our clients initially assumed they were already correctly claiming their fuel tax credits. However, through a Johnsons MME fuel tax credit review, lost fuel or additional eligible assets were identified, then backdated and the resultant rebates have made significant impacts to these businesses’ bottom lines.


So what is a Johnsons MME Fuel Tax Credit review?

Our focus is looking into potential opportunities to move past, present and future claims from the rate of 13 cents to 39 cents (or the rates applied in the respective years.)

There are a number of opportunities to do this; if we are able to find 1%, then 2% and then even 0.5%, all of a sudden these percentages combined make a big difference. The most difficult thing for businesses is first to identify the areas for additional percentages, then to understand how to substantiate these claims backdated over four years to the ATO.


What we assume before we start a fuel tax credit review:


  • That every business claims on their total litres used; we do not anticipate finding additional litres to claim but lost fuel or additional eligible assets.
  • That every business has claimed at the on road rates and has done so for many years. We do find however that many businesses fail to keep up with all the legislative changes or make mistakes in their calculations which impacts their rebate.

Nearly all entities hesitated to take up the review at first as they

“…Thought we were already doing it correctly or there wouldn’t be much in it for us.”


How much does it cost?

In undertaking a fuel tax credit review, Johnsons MME works on a contingency basis. So, should we find your business is not entitled to any additional refunds, no fee would be charged. However, if your business does get an additional rebate, we take a percentage of the refund claimed and received.

Curious to find out if a fuel tax credit review is right for your business? Contact Stephen Clarke if you would like to find out more.