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You Are Here 5 Our Services 5 Carbon Farming

Carbon Farming


We provide consulting services to clients with respect to their ERF compliance requirements and relevant methodology. This has included:

  • Assisting applications to the Clean Energy Regulator under chosen methodology;
  • Managing the ERF auction process, including all applications, educating staff involved in the process and discussions with potential carbon traders if required;
  • Implementing, reviewing and educating management in required documentation and record keeping requirements under your chosen methodology;
  • Identifying and rectifying issues with the project that can be dealt with offsite and working with management to fix issues that need to be dealt with on site;
  • Preparation of all information for future audits;
  • Sourcing an auditor on your behalf to undertake your first audit; and
  • Regular site visits and teleconferences to discuss progress and any issues identified.

Contact Paul Goonan for a confidential discussion about how we can assist you with compliance and administrative requirements under the ERF, relevant methodology and/or participating in the carbon auction.