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You Are Here 5 Careers 5 Work/Life Balance
You Are Here 5 Careers 5 Work/Life Balance

Work/Life Balance

At Johnsons MME we have a mantra of ‘Achieving goals together’. We believe that in order to have our people performing at their best, they need to live well rounded lives with time for family, friends and fun – not just work.

The notion of work-life balance is not merely paid lip service at Johnsons MME. We offer a range of initiatives such as

Sporting club reimbursement

JMME encourages staff to maintain an active lifestyle as part of their work / life balance. After a qualifying probationary period, all staff are entitled to a 50% reimbursement of sporting club membership (up to the value of $200 per annum). For example, gym membership or sports playing membership/fees. Any fringe benefits tax of this allowance is born by JMME.

Complimentary income protection insurance

All staff are provided free salary continuance insurance  to provide support in the event of injury or illness. The cost of this insurance is borne by JMME to provide peace of mind to staff and a benefit of their employment.

Mentor program

New staff are assigned a mentor for the first twelve months of employment to ensure they feel fully supported in their role at JMME. Mentors officially meet with their mentees five times per year for structured meetings, or on an as needs basis.

Business Casual Friday

We encourage staff to feel more relaxed at the end of a busy working week as part of the work / life balance philosophy.

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